In the following blogs, I will comment on the research process as I have encountered it, current research topics, findings, and in some cases, just some personal musings. As with most blogs, it means nothing more than what I think. Always open for discussion, (see discussion board section), I enjoy talking about all these matters as long as it’s talking and not arguing, flaming, generalized pot-stirring, and other forms of bravery spurred by the anonymity of the internet. So feel free to leaf through these random pages of my thoughts. Pardon the mess, I’m a terrible house keeper! Also, if someone comes up with a really good thought or topic of conversation....who knows! You might end up with a guest-spot in here somewhere!

The Grail Blog
General information regarding the research I have conducted on the Grail Legend, including current research and related topics.

My Personal Blog
Thoughts, feelings and musings relating to this field of research, or just the human condition in general.